The Louit Frères brand, today marketed all over the world, finds its origins in the company Chocolats Louit Frères et Compagnie, founded in Bordeaux in 1825 on the initiative of the Frères brothers. The company quickly became Nestlé’s main competitor in the chocolate bar market, as well as the most renowned and appreciated mustard producer in the south-west of France.


Louit Frères products are made in accordance with the original French recipes; all our mustards are prepared with raw materials imported from the same region where the history of the brand started almost 200 years ago.

Today, Louit Frères is the second brand in Italy in the mustard sector, with a wide range of traditional French products such as confits, vinegars and pates.


Our product lines

Today, our mustard range includes 6 recipes: Dijon, Diaphane, Dilora, Rotisseur, Estragon, Poivre Vert. Our best-selling mustard recipes is also available in a handy 100 g tube. Moreouver, the year 2017 has seen the launch of two organis mustard recipes: Turmeric and Ancienne.


A new range of products originating from ancient recipes based on natural ingredients such as sugar, vinegar and salt, to preserve vegetables and fruits. Confits are sweet and sour preparation to be enjoyed as an accompaniment to cheese, salads our just simply on a slice of homemade bread. Four recipes are currently available: cherry tomatoes, onions, peppers and peach with ginger.


A new range of meat-based pates (poultry, duck and bushmeat), enriched with French liquors and wines (Armagnac, Merlot, Sauteners). A traditional French specialties, a perfect combination with the Louit Frères confit range.


A new range of French vinegars produced in France for Louit Frères: cider vinegar, Bordeaux AOC red wine vinegar, and Reims wine vinegar from the Champagne Ardenne region.