Pucci is and has been the historic family brand of the company for over 85 years. Our company represents a key industrial player, a modern, well-structured and well-known company managed and guided by the same family, now in its third generation.


The notoriety of our company has made it possible for us to introduce on the market an extensive range of products by sales type: Consumer (retail), Catering and Gastronomy, for a total of over 500 products. The company has also developed a remarkable know how in the Private Label industry.


Our 5 product lines


Dedicated to the final consumer, this line includes formats ranging from 80 to 580 ml and is available in hypermarkets, supermarkets and grocery stores.


Pucci has a strong presence in the Horeca segment, thanks to the development of a range of products aimed at professional kitchens, conceived for professional chefs and characterized by the attention and care for quality and service that has always been a key feature of our company.


A selection of products aimed at satisfying the demands of our customers at the deli counter. A range where quality and flavor play a key role in providing a products that feels and tastes as if it were homemade.


“Our know-how for your product”. We develop customized recipes on our customer’s requests, providing assistance in all phases of product development, from label creation to logistics, in order to meet the requirements of all customers both in Italy and abroad.