A history of passion
since 1932

Pucci is a historic company in the Italian canning sector. It bears the name of the family that founded it and that still leads it today.

Born as a small grocery shop in 1932, it turned into an artisanal business in the mid 1950’s with the production of vegetable preserves and pickles.

The company brand definitely emerged between the 1970’s and the 1980’s, with the proliferation of mass market retailers and supermarkets.

The access to mass market retailers represents a turning point in the company’s history.
The third millennium has turned Pucci from an artisanal company into an industrial company with a widespread and capillary distribution network.

Today, the Pucci Group is led by the family’s third generation and represents a key player in the international market for vegetable preserves, pickles and mustards.



Paul Louit establishes a small company specialized in the marketing of food products in Bordeaux. The company, named Chocolats Louit Frères et Compagnie, will then become specialized in the production of chocolates and mustards, not to mention one of the most important companies in the south-west of France.